Walkers Cay Reborn 2020

Walker's Cay is the northernmost island in the Bahamas. Once a popular sport fishing location, the island has been deserted since 2004, following severe hurricane damage.

In May 2018, Walker's Cay was sold to Texas businessman and philanthropist Carl Allen, who announced redevelopment efforts.


The fleet moves to Bermuda

Summertime fishing for big blue marlin.

Just the name Bermuda conjures exotic images of pink-sand beaches, unbelievably clear water and enormous blue marlin. Each summer, anglers from all over the world converge on Bermuda in the hopes of catching the elusive grander blue marlin and/or to compete in a series of exciting, big-fish tournaments. This small landmass in the middle of the Atlantic — the closest landfall is Hatteras, North Carolina, 640 miles away — is a lot like other islands out in the middle of deep water in that it attracts a host of pelagic species ... and big marlin.

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The discerning clientele

The discerning clientele

At Black Book Charters our goal is to assist owners with offsetting their expenses by providing a discerning clientele with the opportunity to charter their vessel. 

The “discerning”, also referred to as the “discriminating” consumer, is characterized as showing careful judgment and savvy especially in matters of taste and judgment. This person is finicky and possesses an acquired taste habitually for premium products and services. Essentially, he/she falls short of a compromise. Going above and beyond the call of duty to meet and, at times exceed, expectations is an important principal to apply.

An Inside Look at the Discerning Consumer

More often than not, the discerning client typically possesses a high net worth. This translates to owning financial assets not including primary residence) in excess of US$1 million (source: CapGemini, “2009 World Wealth Report”). High net worth individuals (HNWI) cherish their time and know what they want, to such a degree that they would rather spend their funds for efficient results than waste the limited resource of time. They value time as a luxury, thus saving time greatly trumps saving money. This is part of the reason service is crucial for them.

In a nutshell, the discerning client can be generally described as:
– To a greater extent, belongs in the “affluent” (an investor with less than $1 million but more than $100 000) and “HNWI” (in excess of $1 Million) category;
– Seeks a higher and exacting standard with a minimum set of expectations;
– Fussy in nature;
– Values his/her time;
– Often requires customized solutions to mirror his/her lifestyle – whether a product or service;
– Takes pleasure on getting extra attention;
– Expects to be offered unique choices and experiences;
– Desires value for money under all circumstances;
– Synonymous with a taste for luxury with pedigree and craftsmanship which he/she is willing to pay for;
– Aspires an aura of exclusivity;
– Craves an experience heightened by exceptional service along with a personal relationship;
– Seeks products which are different and more sophisticated – whether it’s apparel, electronics, food or insurance.
– Wants to feel in command of his/her purchase decision without any buyer’s remorse.

Moreover, what he/she purchases is a visual extension of his/her personality, individuality and lifestyle. A well crafted product, for example, reflects his/her individual call to beauty.

The Black Book Referral Program

The Black Book Referral Program

At Black Book Charters our business thrives off of the relationships that we have established in the Sportfishing community. Without those relationships we couldn’t do what we do. Which is why we have decided to create the Black Book Referral Program https://blackbookcharters.com/referralprogram.

Refer a charter guest or boat - they become a member - you earn rewards.

JJ Fish Week - Quest for the ring

JJ Fish Week - Quest for the ring

Competitive anglers from around the country will join together for what will be another historic event in the beautiful setting of Key Largo in the Florida Keys. Over 100 boats are registered this year to compete.

Jimmy’s 2-Day Billfish Competition is heating up and will feature the top anglers in the country as they hit the waters for the largest guaranteed purse in sportfish history and the largest purse in Florida tournament history. Teams will be fishing for a guaranteed $1.75 Million Dollars in this highly competitive tournament. In its 7 year history, this tournament has awarded almost $4,000,000 and 7 Championship Rings as the anglers join in the keys for this grueling competition. There are Catch & Release categories, weighted categories, and overall awards. A little bit for everyone.

JJ’s National Billfish Championship is scored by a point system. Registered Anglers will receive 1 point for their boat for each eligible Billfish released in the tournament. All team and individual prize categories will be awarded based on the individual or team’s overall point standings. In the event of a tie, winners will be determined by the team or individual that releases their last fish first.

All JJFishWeek Events to happen at JJ’s Big Chill. Participating anglers will receive gift cards to use throughout the week to enjoy at any of the locations at our host venue.

The Big Chill features one of the most impressive dining and entertainment experiences in The Florida Keys. Located at Mile Marker 104, Bayside in Key Largo. The Big Chill offers waterfront dining while taking in breathtaking Sunset Views of the Florida Bay.